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Onetile indefinite goods storage service

Why is it a good idea?

Why is it a good idea?
With Onetile, you can buy your favourite floor or wall tiles straight away, taking advantage of the best price on the market and the latest stock availability
With the option of flexible delivery, you will receive your new flooring at a time that suits you at no additional cost.

We offer you the option to buy your dream porcelain stoneware in advance, taking advantage of the best prices, without having to worry about storing the tiles at home!

How does it work?

Onetile stores your order free of charge at its warehouses for as long as necessary, ensuring the integrity and quality of the goods for the entire storage period. 
With the necessary prior notice, we will arrange delivery and agree with you a delivery date and time.

Contact us for a bespoke solution. We will satisfy your every need!


Storage is free if agreed in advance with our sales team to a specific delivery date. Any changes after the agreed date will incur storage charges.