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Customised transport

Each of our quotes includes the personalized transport service.

Each of our quotes includes the personalized transport service.
Our personalized transport service is designed to offer maximum convenience and reliability to our customers. Every time you receive a quote from us, you can be certain that personalized transport is included in the package. This means that we not only take care of shipping your goods, but we do so with a range of additional benefits that make the shipping experience simpler and more efficient.

Here's what our personalized transport service includes:

Insurance on every shipment:
Your merchandise is covered by insurance during transport. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that in case of damages or losses during the journey, you will be adequately compensated.

Shipments with professional industry partners:
We collaborate with professional and reliable transport partners in the industry. This collaboration ensures that your shipments are handled by experts who are well-versed in procedures and committed to safe and timely delivery.

Courier's phone notice one day prior:
To keep you informed and allow you to plan better, the courier will contact you with a phone notice one day before delivery. This gives you time to prepare for receiving your shipment.

Option to schedule delivery with date and time:
We understand that your schedule might be busy, so we offer the flexibility to choose a delivery date and time that suits you best. This prevents inconveniences and allows you to plan accordingly.

In summary, our personalized transport service represents much more than a simple shipment. It's a commitment to provide a comprehensive and satisfying experience, placing your needs at the forefront.