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La Fabbrica AVA

Excellent combination of tradition and innovation

Excellent combination of tradition and innovation
La Fabbrica AVA. was founded in Castel Bolognese (RA) in 1994, through its own brands La Fabbrica and Ava for large slabs, it produces and markets high-end Italian ceramic floor and wall coverings.

Through the La Fabbrica AVA brand, the company is committed to spreading the concept of design and creativity by transforming the search for quality into its philosophy and this value has always been present in the design of the product from design to creation and marketing. 

The continuous drive towards quality improvement has allowed creating avant-garde collections in design and technology, suitable to satisfy the needs of designers, interior designers and the taste of end consumers.

You can find all the La Fabbrica AVA collections in our online catalogue, from backgrounds to the most refined decorations, from textures to innovative designs that are unique in the sector, available for both indoors and outdoors in different thicknesses and suitable for residential and commercial environments.